How Bengaluru Is Becoming India’s New Hotspot For Freestyle Football And Skateboarding

Updated on 17 Jul, 2017 at 2:02 pm


In India, freestyle playing is still considered just a style or art form rather than a sport. But Bengaluru is changing that.

The capital city of Karnataka has become India’s new hotspot for freestyle football and skateboarding.

Freestyle football has garnered a lot of attention from sport enthusiasts across the world, especially for its fancy yet sophisticated style. Interestingly, the art of performing tricks with a football using any part of the body has picked up a massive impulse in India as well over the past few years.


Freestyle football

Freestyling in Bengaluru.


Since Bengaluru is a hotspot for freestyle football, an adventure sports channel, 4Play, recently made a documentary on Satish, better known as Satish ‘Sean’ in the professional football freestyle circuit, the winner of the Best Freestyle Footballer 2015 title.

The video, titled ‘Chakkar Ghumyo ­Art of Revolution (Freestyle Football, India)’, features Satish doing his tricks to a musical number. The video not just shows Satish’s freestyle football skills, but also presents Bengaluru city at its best.

Satish, inspired by Arnaud Sean Garnier, a French freestyle footballer, is a self-taught football freestyler.


Freestyle football

Satish doing one of his tricks.

He is known for his flamboyant style and can perform over 200 tricks with a football keeping the audiences captivated for hours. It is said that he practices for 4-5 hours every day, working on his choreography and his tricks, and said he has the desire of setting a Guinness World Record for eye stall, head stall and side stall tricks.

Watch him in action here:



This is not the first video that 4Play has done on Bengaluru. The team had on an earlier occasion shot a video about the spirit of skateboarding in the city.

The video, ‘Bengaluru, Grind City (Skateboarding in India)’, talks about Jules Von ChaCha, a French skater whose love for skateboarding brought him to India. In the video he talks about his journey, shares his experiences with skateboarding and explains why skateboarding is a good tool for life. 
Watch the video here: