Beware! This Is How Some Hotels Are Tricking Customers To Get Rid Of Their Black Money

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6:43 pm 18 Nov, 2016

After Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 currency notes won’t be considered as legal tenders, the nation went into frenzy. Especially, the people or companies, who were hoarding black money, are having tough time.

Exposing one of them, a Bengaluru-based man Midhun Noble narrated an incident on facebook telling how people or companies are trying to get away from being caught

In the post, he says he went to Adigas hotel to order food for his office. To his surprise, they refused to accept cards and insisted on paying by cash.

Strange, isn’t it? These days when everyone is insisting on making online payment, the hotel wanted to be paid in cash.

To his shock, he saw the date on the bill was 01/09/2016. He says by adjusting their sales books, they are trying to convert black money to white.

“They want to push up the sales in previous months and remitting the amount as sales done in previous months. So next time please ensure you spend a 20 seconds on the bill details and insist on bills after every purchase. It’s a shame such iconic names like Adigas is doing this. Let’s contribute to our PM’s efforts,” he wrote.

Many social readers praised his smartness and asked him to file a complaint in consumer court.



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