Tired Of Getting Late For School, 8-Year-Old Student Writes A Letter To The PM

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12:47 pm 15 Oct, 2015


Tired of getting late for school everyday, an 8-year-old boy from Bengaluru wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi about an incomplete flyover that was causing traffic pileups.

Abhinav Suresh, who is a class III student in Bangalore’s National Public School, lives in Doddabommasandra area of Vidyaranyapura, which is about three km from his school.

While the distance of three kilometres doesn’t seem much, the trip takes Abhinav 45 minutes everyday to commute.



Fed-up of facing this delay everyday, Abhinav recently wrote to Modi about the incomplete flyover over a railway crossing on the Outer Ring Road of the area.

The flyover falls near the Goraguntepalya junction and if completed would be of huge help to the residents of the area.

But the delay in the completion of the flyover is causing huge traffic jams in the area.

Addressing this issue, 8-year-old Abhinav wrote to the Prime Minister informing him of not only the huge traffic jam but also highlighting health problems that people suffer because of it.

The Hindu

The flyover that is causing a massive jam in the area.  The Hindu

In his interview to news channel NDTV, Abhinav said:

“Because of the traffic jams, people’s health will suffer and my studies are also affected.”

What is more, within two weeks of his letter Abhinav received a reply from the Prime Minister’s Office assuring him that action would be taken as soon as possible and the construction of the bridge would start soon.

When asked what made him write to the Prime Minister, Abhinav said:

“I decided to write to the Prime Minister because he is an honourable man and can solve any issue.”

Proud of their son’s initiative, Abhinav’s parents were also surprised that their son received a response from PMO and that too this quickly.




Whether or not work on the flyover is expedited is another question but the concern showed by this young kid is worth emulating.

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