18 Things Bengalis Relate To Each Time They Are Elsewhere

10:00 am 26 Jan, 2016

Bengalis are global citizens. Come on, let us admit it: no matter where you go, you shall get to meet a Bengali. From workplaces to tourist spots, spotting a Bengali person is quite an easy task.  But as much as we love traveling, we miss home and things about being with our own kin.


1. It may sound cliched but we literally crave certain Bengali food items whenever we go out.

No, we are not talking of maach alone but where can you find endless shops of Mutton and haash’er dim in every lane and bazaar?


2. Sundays are not Sundays without the special Robibashoriyo segment of ‘Anandabazar Patrika’.

Cliché again, but can’t really help!


3. We guys are such misers!

Well, with 5 phuchkas for ten bucks, amazing egg-chicken rolls at thirty each, and a lovely weekend trip to Mandarmani at five thousand rupees per person, who needs to spend thousands to have a gala time?


4. I dare you to say no to bhapa ilish and chingri maach’er malai curry!


5. How we crave those yummy, sour-and-chilly phuchkas when you see panipuri or golgappa stalls elsewhere!


6. Come on, guys! Don’t be a bore—and PARTY!

We cannot stop yearning for those “rock’e adda” sessions filled with laughter and heated debates with our friends, uncles and any acquaintance for that matter!


7. How we miss those grand family get-togethers at the slightest notice.

Yea, we’re quite a sentimental bunch—can’t help it!


8. What’s winter without those amazing family picnics!

Or, trips to Shantiniketan for Poush Mela!


9. And, those pithe-patishaptas!

Talk no more, ho!


10. That awkward moment when you have to buy a book at its MRP!

And, you cannot help but miss college street where you could get a newly printed book at 30% discount—always!


11. Rabindra Sangeet at least every Sunday!

Or, Bengali rock bands, if you please—and, your Sunday was made!


12. You may hate the congested city during Durga Puja but you cannot stay away from it.

Especially when it allows you to go on random dates for four continuous days (and extended)!


13. The lighted up Park Street during Christmas is something that makes the city stand apart from the rest.

Coupled with ceremonious evenings followed by night-long jigs.


14. Are you sure you can afford to miss the Book Fair?

You’re perhaps not much of a reader but hitting the Book Fair for at least a couple of hours is a MUST.


15. Remember those amazing boat rides on the Ganges bunking college lectures?

And, hogging on pav bhaji from the vendors followed by ice cream from scoop at the Outram Ghat? Life it was!


16. How about those days when you would spend your pocket money on treating your friends at the Bar B Que or at the Oly Pub?

Some things never cease to lose their charm.


17. Don’t you miss those crazzzzzzy jigs during the Durga Puja bhashan?

Hah! Ask us on how to make a kid out of a boring adult!


18. Can you ever grow out of your old ‘Nonte-Fonte’, ‘Hada-Bhoda’ and ‘Batul D Great’ comics?

Ah! The innocence of childhood!


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