Bengali Actress Kanchana Moitra Molested In Kolkata By 3 Drunkards

4:15 pm 21 Sep, 2017


Humiliated, harrased and molested by drunk men on a Kolkata road, actress Kanchana Moitra is in a state of shock for having been treated so in her own city. The incident happened after midnight on Tuesday, when the actress was returning for a late shooting schedule. According to her, the ordeal lasted for about 20 minutes, during which the accused not only made her do 40 squats on road but also forced her driver to slap her 10 times. Two among the three men have been arrested by police.

The actress was returning home from shoot when the incident occurred. Deccan Chronicle

In her police complaint, the 37-year-old actress said that three drunken men had stopped her car, when it had brushed past a man standing on the road. Later in an interview with the media, Kanchana further elaborated how her driver had to stop her car on road when they felt an object hit the vehicle which later turned out to be a stone.

She said:

I asked my driver to inquire what it was… and both of us rolled down the windowpanes. Two youths appeared and one of them accused the driver of almost mowing him down. They were drunk.

Furthermore, when she tried to get past them by warning about police complaint, one of the accused simply snatched the car’s keys through a window. Recounting the horrific incident, the actress said:


I was returning from a shoot…. I’m otherwise a brave woman but I was scared after the car key was taken away. I got off the car with my driver and pleaded before them with folded hands. We requested them to forgive us if there was any mistake by my driver. But they assaulted my driver. One of them grabbed my shoulder and shoved me. They told me that I had to slap my driver 10 times and he had to slap me back 10 times. Then I was asked to do 40 squats. If they didn’t like my squats, I’d have to do 40 more.

It was around 20 minutes later that the actress spotted a police patrol vehicle nearby. However, when the police asked the accused persons to get into the van, two of them managed to flee. Having made a spot arrest of one of the accused, the police arrested another one the next morning. The police is on the lookout for the third accused.

The case has been lodged in Behala Police Station and DC (Behala) Meeraz Khalid. The two arrested men have been identified as Shankar Dauli, a taxi driver and Surajit Panda, a building painter.