Did Bengal Government Change Name Of Ram In Bengali Word For Rainbow From School Textbooks?

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4:09 pm 12 Jan, 2017

In what points at the increasing influence of Islamist factions on the Government of West Bengal under Mamata Banerjee, the orginal Bengali word for rainbow, ‘Ramdhonu’ (Bow of Ram), has been replaced with ‘Rangdhonu’ (Bow of Colours) in Standard VII Bengali language school textbooks on Environment.

According to this report, the West Bengal Council for Higher Education changed the original Bengali word in the ‘Barnali’ chapter of the ‘Environment and Science’ book. The report says that one of the colours of ‘Rongdhenu’, ‘Aakashi’, meaning sky blue, has been replaced with ‘Aasmani’, which is Urdu.


A Standard III textbook chapter from 2015 on the rainbow. In this, the word, ‘Ramdhonu’, does not appear, which is strange because the chapter is on the same. WBEXPRESS

The report does not mention the edition of the book in which the word has been used. It, however, quotes linguists slamming the change of name.

Social media users too pointed at the same and criticised the move:


That Mamata Banerjee has gone overboard with her appeasement is not a secret anymore. Under her rule, the Imam of the Tipu Sultan mosque in Kolkata issues fatwa against the Prime Minister and publically calls for beheading of eminent anti-Islamists without the fear of the law. Her ministers and she herself use filthy language to addresses the PM and BJP ministers at rallies.

Banerjee’s policies and her deliberate ignorance of communal incidents against Hindus by radical Islamists in her state have only strengthened the fundamentalists, most of whom are illegal immigrants from neighbouring Bangladesh who are escaping the crackdown on them by Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

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