17 Reasons Why Bengal Is The Perfect Getaway Destination

10:00 am 25 Jan, 2016

The recent trend of Bollywood shows a lot of films being focused over Bengal. If ‘Piku’ had shown you a glimpse of old Kolkata, ‘Gunday’ was pictured around Purulia, and ‘Barfi’ showcased rural Bengal in its full bloom.

Why Bengal and not any other place? In spite of not being a super-hit tourist destination, is there anything worthwhile enough in Bengal that may simply push us to go for a vacation in there? We have compiled in a few points that any traveler would love to know about Bengal.

PS. And, the best part is, all of these points are REAL—we’re no longer immersing ourselves in sheer nostalgia.


1. First and foremost, there are innumerable mesmerizing places in Bengal that still retain an intrinsic old world charm.

If you want a Nawabi gateway, hit Hazarduari in Murshidabad or if you are hooked to India’s colonial past, a visit to Darjeeling or Calcutta will simply mesmerize you!


2. From the mighty Himalayas to the gorgeous Bay of Bengal and the serene Mangrove Forest in Sunderbans, Bengal has everything!

Well, if we forget the cheap politics part, at least!



3. Dying to live amidst nature in isolation? Jhallong has the perfect ambiance just for you.

Or, sit idly along the banks of Murti river and enjoy nature at its best!


4. Out of the 51 shakti peethas, the maximum are located in West Bengal.

Is it time for a spiritual awakening, guys?


5. Talking about temples, Bengal is a storehouse of temples with exquisite terracotta work.

Be wowed by the intricacy.



6. When talking about intricacy, how can we forget the gorgeous silk sarees with elaborate work?

Especially, the Baluchari sarees the pallu of which depicts scenes from ‘Ramayana’ and ‘Mahabharata’ with finesse.


7. Tingle your artistic self by experiencing the massive sculptures and vivid murals at the Kala Bhawan in Shantiniketan.



8. Experiencing Vasanta Utsav and/or Poush Mela at Shantiniketan are memories to behold for a lifetime!


9. Lose yourself amidst the heartening quietness of the hillocks in Purulia.

Does rugged terrain excite you, and bring out the poet within you? If yes, go to Purulia, with only the chirps of birds and the burbling of water to “disturb” you! And, if you’re in for some activity, trek to the Ajodhya Pahar.



10. Thrill your senses by trekking till Sandakhphu with the gorgeous, gold-dipped Kanchenjunga awaiting with full glory to welcome you!


11. And, if you want a bit more, indulge in Grade 4 White Water River Rafting on the Teesta!

With the beautiful, serene Himalayas and the adjoining dense pine forests as your fellow travelers!


12. Watch a sunset by the beach followed by a long, vivid walk on fine sand.

Ah! You shall be spoilt for choice as far as beaches are concerned. From the overcrowded beaches in Digha to the adventurous beach in Mandarmani, the serene beaches of Tajpur, Junput, Bakkhali and others, you shall have quite a difficult time in fixing the best among the rest!


13. Well, do we have to say anything about the delectable cuisine of Bengal? After all, it is the seafood hub of India.


14. Yes, Kolkata is the cultural capital of India.

Visit the modern art galleries here, and you shall know the reason behind this proclamation! Or, simply visit Kumartuli!


15. Traveling in the old part of the city on a tram has a charm of its own.

You got to savor this service to know what we mean!


16. Bengal has a place to seek refuge in for every season!

That’s the charm of Bengal—ah love!


17. The best part is—there isn’t any other state in India that will treat you like a king without burning a hole in your pocket!

Correct us if we are wrong!


So, when you are going to visit our beautiful state?


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