15 Benefits Of Yoga And Meditation For Both Physical And Mental Health

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Updated on 27 Jul, 2018 at 2:58 pm


Not just India but the world is talking about the positive outcomes of yoga and meditation. For centuries, the techniques involved in these two practices have proved to be quite beneficial for the masses in terms of their physical and mental health. Here, we talk about the 15 benefits of yoga and meditation.

1. Yoga is believed to increase one’s immunity

It has also been scientifically proven that people practicing yoga have been ill fewer times than the ones who didn’t take up this activity.


2. Migraine is a side effect of the harsh life that we are living today. Heavy medication can be avoided by practicing a little yoga every day.



3. Meditating for a minimum of fifteen minutes each day is said to reduce insomnia and restore better sleep.

This, in turn, helps to keep the body rejuvenated.


4. Yoga also enhances sexual performance.

Sexual problems are healed with mild exercises prescribed under yoga.


5. Heart patients are said to benefit the most from yoga with their problems being reduced drastically.

Medical reports of yoga practicing patients are a proof of the same.


6. Meditation is highly powerful in reducing depressive symptoms.

Depression is a psychological problem and introspection through meditation helps heal it.


7. Though Schizophrenia cannot be gotten rid of entirely, yet, if practiced along with proper medication, yoga can help reduce the symptoms of this disease.


8. Meditation is a highly rejuvenating experience and is helpful in energizing the body and mind.


9. A positive attitude towards life and towards oneself is very important to be satisfied and happy. Yoga and meditation have this effect on the people practicing them.


10. Various exercises involved in yoga are intended towards helping in better breathing. These postures are great for people facing problems with their lungs and nasal passage.


11. Stress is a problem faced by every third person in the world. A little time spent under deep meditation can help a person handle stress better.


12. Ever noticed why people doing yoga every day and meditating once in a while have a natural glow on their face?

Well, both these ancient gifts provide high skin resistance and help restore the skin’s youthfulness.


13. Meditation is a procedure of opening up the conscious and subconscious levels of your mind.

This, in turn, helps improve memory.


14. People with high blood pressure can easily get rid of compulsory medication by devoting half an hour towards meditation and a little more time towards yoga.


15. Apart from healing major psychological problems, yoga and meditation also treat emotional instability.

This is done by restoring a calm perspective of oneself through the two powerful sources.




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