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15 Benefits That Only Those Working On Saturday Can Avail

Published on 17 January, 2015 at 8:45 pm By

Job keeping you busy on Saturdays? It’s time to bust the myth that you don’t enjoy life. In fact, you might be living much more than any of the sleepyheads stuck in bed all weekend. By the end of this article, you’ll realize why working on Saturdays can be something to look forward to. So, here’s to all the hard working ones who work when it matters.

1. More, more and more office parties


Every small event inevitably becomes a reason to joyously celebrate. Since you are there on Saturdays, the parties just get more awesome and even wild sometimes. At one awesome stage, you start partying even for a new coffee machine.


2. You don’t panic when there’s extra work on weekdays

The amount of extra work you pull of due to that one extra day always keeps you stress free as you avoid getting drowned in assignments on weekdays.

Assignments on weekdays

3. You become an indispensable, highly-valued necessity for your boss

You are among the boss’s go-to guy/gal. You are trusted and, above all, counted upon. They give their most important project to you and you take pride in that. After all, it’s the quickest way up the corporate ladder.

Corporate ladder

4. You get to work at your convenience


Most of the time, you choose what you wish to complete first and how you want to do it. Staying at work on a Saturday means you are there by choice, and that you are comfortable with your job.

Work by choice

5. More days of work mean more opportunities to be near your office crush

Nothing’s sweeter than the fact that you get more opportunities to be in the same place as your flame. That means more occasions to talk to them, and thus, better your chances at impressing them.

More opportunities

6. You end up getting more house work done from your workplace than those sleeping at home

Reality check. Those at home on Saturday are not cleaning any roofs or fixing any leaks. They’re sleeping in till it is afternoon and waiting to complain about another wasted weekend. You, on the other hand, call a few guys, get jobs done, and then pay them at you comfort.

Wasted weekend

7. Work 52 more days a year, get rich soon. Retire early. Life’s a party!

It’s math. You learn more, you work more. Consequently, you earn more. And that means more money in the bank to enjoy the golden years of your life. Isn’t this what we’ve been studying for all our lives?


8. You get some of the best friends of your life at work

Friendships forged at times of work last a lifetime. You get to meet like-minded people more. As a result, you make precious pals who are no less than siblings to you. Because of that, coming on Saturdays is just another adventure.

Like-minded people

9. Your office is nothing less than a second home to you

When you are spending your Saturdays at work, your office starts to have the features of your living room, bedroom and even hobby room. You end up working while devouring slice upon slice of pizza along with your favorite beverage in your smiley mug.

Living room

10. Sometimes the office is much more peaceful and relaxing than home

It’s quiet, it’s clean and no one’s playing music or soaps that you don’t like. Many times, it is the place you go to, to relieve yourself from the stresses of home. In that case, being here even during weekends is nothing less than bliss.


11. You have the most diverse friends’ circle as you get to meet so many new people

Offices on Saturdays are inhabited only by the most fascinating of people. They are there because work is their hobby. Anyone who enjoys their work is fascinating to work with.


12. Even if you commit a few mistakes sometimes, you are not questioned as much as others

The office knows you dedicate yourself to the work you do. They appreciate it and that is why your mistakes are overlooked many times, when others have to face hell for the same thing.


13. You are the first ones ‘in’ in all the gossip of the workplace

The bosses get friendly around this time. As a result, you get to know the deepest and darkest secrets known to only the elite few. You are the first ones to know if any change is around the corner. You and your Saturday-working co-workers become the celebs and everyone’s looking for some inside intel from you.


14. Then there’s the incomparable delight of going home

There is no sentiment that this feeling of joy can ever come second to. After the long week’s work, you know there’s no other place you’d rather be. They were not wrong when they said – Sweetest are the fruits of patience.


15. And finally, the grand welcome you get when you reach home

It’s priceless to know that you’re not the only one longing for you to be home. Whether it’s the end of the day, the holidays or just the Sunday, your folks admire you and wait for you to be together. And that’s why they prepare the best of welcomes for you.

Great time together



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