12 Benefits Of Having A Sibling Who Also Happens To Be Your Classmate

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Updated on 4 Sep, 2018 at 1:48 pm


Have a sibling who’s the same age as you? The fighting occupies your days and nights, yet the presence of a sibling is more of a boon.

1. Done your homework? Do mine as well!

The effort of one sibling is often misused by the other.

2. Meri proxy laga dena.

Bunking was easy with sibling support.

3. Tell mummy, we are going for group studies.


The studious one always gets to give this excuse for going to the movies.

4. Exam time is child’s play.

You don’t end up studying alone; your sibling is your sailing partner.

5. Exam mein copy kara dena.

No one else pays heed to this request of yours.

6. Don’t give me any punishment.

If your sibling happens to be the class monitor, you start feeling like royalty.

7. My buddy, my classmate, my sibling.

8. No lunches alone.

You can do without any company during lunch breaks as your sibling fits the role.

9. Don’t you dare touch my brother.

With your sibling beside you, bullying is a word of history for you.

10. Your family next to you.

If you’re in a hostel, this is the least you could have asked God for – a sibling beside you.

11. Your fun partner everywhere.

Whether it is the fresher’s party or a batch mate’s party, you don’t need to find company.

12. An emotional anchor for you.

Be it at home or school, your sibling is your support system.



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