British Cricketer Ben Duckett Calls Virat Kohli’s RCB A Joke. Gets Roasted By Fans In An Epic Manner

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2:27 pm 10 Apr, 2018


On April 8, the second match of IPL 2018 was played between Royal Challengers Bangalore led by Virat Kohli and Kolkata Knight Riders led by Dinesh Karthik. KKR won the match by four wickets leaving RCB fans disappointed and KKR fans rejoicing the victory.




But this did not mean that RCB fans were in a mood to take any insult of their favorite team or its captain in any way. And they proved it by teaching British cricketer Ben Duckett a lesson when he tried to mock at RCB.


Ben Duckett. Source


On the day IPL began, Duckett had shown his excitement for the tournament in a tweet. Take a look:



But on day 2 of the IPL, when a match was to be played between RCB and KKR, Duckett called RCB a joke! Here is his tweet:



But RCB fans seemed to be in no mood of taking this tweet light-heartedly and hence replied in the following manner:











This continued even after Ben Duckett clarified that he wanted to compliment the team saying that a joke is a good thing. Here is what he had tweeted:



But even this did not cool down RCB fans who kept roasting him for his comment on their favorite team. Here is how they responded to his tweet clarifying his comment:










These replies bothered Duckett to such as extent that he came up with another tweet saying that such “horrible” hate messages were not acceptable to him. Take a look at it below:



We hope this cools down RCB fans and convinces them that Duckett’s first tweet for the team was on a positive note!