Move Over Belly Dancing, Talk About Swaying To Sexy Kizomba This Weekend

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5:46 pm 22 Nov, 2016

If someone asks you to name one of the most sensual dance to raise the temperature high, unflinchingly you’ll quip ”Belly Dancing”.


And while it is indeed one of the sexiest dances, there’s Kizomba which has started being considered world’s most sensual dance.

While Kozimbo is developed from an Angolan semba, its trademark music is characterized by a slower and usually very romantic rhythm. Apparently. since the 50’s Angolan people used to dance Semba but in the 90’s Kizombo caught its popularity and Angolan semba dancers started to adapt their semba steps in sync to Kizombo’s music.

Watch the video of Kizomba dance at International Kizomba Flashmob in Mexico to be awed by its sexy moves.





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