This New ‘Belly Button Challenge’ Is Taking The Internet By Storm. Can You Do It?

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5:22 pm 12 Jun, 2015

After the Ice Bucket Challenge, there is a new challenge that is taking the internet by storm. And it’s called ‘Belly Button Challenge’.

The challenge involves touching your belly button from around your back. Users then upload the photos to social media to document their successes and failures.



The challenge post claims that if you cannot do it, you need to lose weight.



Three things that are essential to complete this challenge are thinness, long arms, and good flexibility.



The original challenge post points to research by US scientists that suggests women who can complete the test have good bodies.



The belly button challenge is the number one topic on Weibo, the Chinese version on Twitter. It has received more than 130 million hits since Wednesday. 


How could celebrities be behind? Yang Mi, a Chinese actress who has nearly 50 million followers on Weibo, took the challenge. She got over 100 million reactions.


And it’s not just women with tiny waists jumping on board the trend. One selfie of a man with a beer belly successfully completing the challenge has gone viral in China, but he later admitted to getting a friend’s help to fake the photo.



Credits: Daily Mail

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