Twitterati Are Applauding This Brave Belarusian Pilot, Who After Being Impaled By A Huge Branch Said, “I Am Groot”

1:43 pm 10 Jun, 2018


One of the most gruesome ways to die is to get yourself impaled by a sharp object. It was quite popular when people used to do it on purpose during the middle ages in Central and Eastern Europe. Apparently, a Belarusian man got himself impaled by a huge tree branch but it was definitely not on purpose this time.

According to reports, the pilot named Ivan Krasouski crashed his paratrike, a kind of microlight aircraft into a tree and got impaled by a massive tree branch. The giant branch of the tree skewed through his shoulder causing him an enormous injury. What interesting thing to note here is, the injured pilot took the craze for the comic character ‘Groot’ from ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ to the next level when he shouted, “I am Groot!” to his doctor.




Yes! That’s correct. The Belarusian pilot joked to his doctors by referring to himself as ‘Groot’, the walking tree from the Guardians of the Galaxy. He seemed quite fine to even film a video from his hospital room while he was laughing at his condition.



Evidently, Ivan has always enjoyed the adrenaline from flying his paratrike. But this time, a strap of his microlight snapped and he span out of control to hit the tree. In the video, Ivan said:

“Many people came, I told them – Take out this splinter. And they say – No, are you crazy? If we will take it away, you will bleed to death. And I was like, I am Groot!”



Watch the video of the Belarusian pilot here:


The video has gone viral all over the internet and people have the best reactions to the bravery and humour of the pilot. Netizens are referring to the ‘Slavs’ as ‘Crazy’ as they are reacting to the images of the skewered Belarusian pilot.

Interestingly, the pilot has become a ‘legend’ for the netizens now. Take a look at some of the reactions to the bizarre incident:


That’s a befitting reply!

You wish!

There is no doubt!

He will be!

Wait, What!

Are they?

Hahaha! Here comes Thanos!

Slavs know it all!


Best one!

You are wrong Groot!





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