9 Things That Go Through Your Mind When You Are Underdressed At A Wedding

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Updated on 3 Nov, 2015 at 5:12 pm


Has this ever happened to you?

You are invited for a mehndi/cocktail party and you dress up more like a cocktail and less like a mehndi. And to your horror, there are people dressed more for mehndi and in fact no way like a cocktail!

I tell you, it is not a good feeling. You feel awkward, out of place and so downright uncomfortable in your understated dress when women’s bling-bling goes sparking!



1. The first glimpse of horror

When you step into the event hall in all your under-styled glory and you catch the first glimpse of bling and it gives you a mini attack. Shock, surprise and horror!


2. The smell of betrayal

When you see your host friend dressed up in an outright vivid kurta and you strangle them five times in your head. Especially when fellow guests say, “Didn’t he tell you?” Annoyed, betrayed and ditched!


3. The sweet sympathies

When you slowly start forgetting the awkwardness and join the dance floor and a lovely woman says ,”Don’t worry, you look fine.” Oh, thanks! Pitied, embarrassed and definitely not fine!


4. The dreaded pictures

When they ask you to get clicked and you look like a ghoul in your black while they shimmer in greens and reds. Yes, because this memory needs to be etched forever so that you don’t commit this faux pas again. Skeptical, reluctant and Facebook-fearful!


5. The little tinge of jealousy

When you see pretty women feeling absolutely feminine in their suits and sarees, you can’t help but feel envious. Let’s accept it, nothing makes you feel more beautiful than few inches of the colorful draped attire. And you just lost the chance to look beautiful! Jealous, in despair and REALLY sad!



6. The little judgement

When the scrutinizing gaze of aunties make you feel uncomfortable and you want to shout out how you are not trying to be modern. This day and this attire is totally a blunder, please don’t judge me! Misunderstood, misjudged and ridiculed!


7. The little-big attempts

When you get that one quiet moment where you scan the crowd to find at least one person dressed like you. You convince yourself, warn yourself and desperately flaunt your gold earrings to bring out SOME bling maybe!
Odd, misery-wanting-company and distracted!


8. The big act

When you don’t want people to see you nervous and uncomfortable, so you put on your best face. The confident, charming smile can surely compensate for all that you’ve been missing. So strike the best pose and smile wide! Poised, calm and delightful!


9. The realization

As the night drags on, you sway your way to dance tunes and in the midst of all the laughter and chatter, you forget your awkwardness. You realize your appearance is really an illusion. People like you for who you are, not for what you wear after all. Pleasant, content and perceptive!


“People see us the way we see ourselves.”