16 Ways To Deal With Feeling Lonely

12:00 pm 4 Feb, 2016

Not many understand the true emotion of being lonely. It can be an emotional terror that haunts you even when you are surrounded by friends. Being alone can be pleasant, but feeling lonely is a miserable feeling. Unless you come up with effective ways to deal with loneliness, you may be overcome by the unpleasant feeling. Here are a few ways to tackle loneliness head-on.


1. Admit you are feeling lonely.

The first, and toughest, step to deal with feeling lonely is to find the courage to admit to yourself that you are feeling lonely and you do not like it.


2. Be active.

You may have no control over feeling lonely, but you need not remain passive and do nothing about it.


3. Make meaningful connections.

Friendship is not a number on social media but real and meaningful relationships you have with people. Such friendships can drive away feelings of loneliness even if these friends are far away.


4. Find the reason behind your loneliness.

Do not associate your feelings of loneliness to a lack of people around you. Find the real reason for your feelings.


5. Connect with yourself.

Since you are the person from whom you cannot escape even for a second, make peace with yourself. Moreover, take some time to understand yourself.


6. Learn to meditate

Meditation can make you feel peaceful and calm. It can drive away the unpleasant feeling of loneliness.


7. Appreciate yourself.

Find time to appreciate and love yourself.


 8. Share your feelings.

You are not alone. Reach out and share your feelings with trustworthy people and you will realize that feeling lonely is not just your problem. That is a small relief. 


9. Connect with loved ones.

At times you may miss your loved ones which may lead to the feeling of loneliness. If you cannot meet them, connect with them through internet or phone.


10. Develop and pursue hobbies.

Hobbies give one a feeling of accomplishment and drive away your loneliness. You may even find someone interesting who shares your interest to connect with.


 11.Volunteer for a cause.

Every person has a social cause close to his/her heart. Find out what yours is and volunteer for the cause.


12. Get a pet.

Pets love you unconditionally and make you feel happy in no time. There is no place for loneliness with a pet around.


13. Exercise.

Walking and running can work wonders on how you feel.


14. Clean up your house.

Clean those closets and messy corners as well. The final look of your home can make you feel accomplished and by the end, you will be too tired to feel anything.


15. Be creative.

Start a creative project which will need your attention and time.


16. Pamper yourself.

Take time to evaluate, access and pamper yourself. Forgive yourself for those bills from the spa, the mall or restaurants.


If you still don’t feel different, it is time to seek professional help from a counsellor or psychologist. Nip the problem in the bud before it gets out of hand.

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