10 Ways In Which It Sucks To Be An Introvert In India

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10:00 am 8 Feb, 2015


Being an introvert is a personality trait, but the society that we live in considers it to be a problem that needs attention. ‘To each his own’ funda doesn’t apply here as you are expected to live by what others expect of you. To all those introverts out there, you would probably relate the most with this post as it peeps into how judgemental the society becomes of you.

10. Silence is not considered golden

Though it is not in your trait to blabber about anything under the sun, the continuous silence from your end is considered an act of rudeness and foolishness.

9. Easily fall prey to bullies

Being introvert is considered a weakness and as a result you often fall prey to bullies at home or outside. You become butt of jokes because of your non-complaining nature.

8. Are often misrepresented

Don’t you often come across people nagging you and passing statements such as “Rehene De, Yeh Aisa hi hain” or parents saying “Tu Life main kya karega“. It is surprising how you are often presented as someone you are not.

7. Considered a behavioral issue


It is conveniently thought to be a disorder and you are suggested to take help or sent to correction homes.

6. Often Ignored

You would often find yourself left uninvited to a friend’s party or a family get together. No guesses why!

5. Not a good quality for marriage

You are not a marriageable material according to all those who think being like them would lead to a happy married life.

4. Ability is misjudged

You often face demotivational speeches from your near and dear ones, no matter what brilliance you carry.

3. Becomes a gossip topic

You spice up content for the gossip mongers and become a topic of discussion for reasons better left unknown to your kind soul.

2. Considered a loner

People have the misconception that an introvert means he has no one in his life, hardly realizing that though those who think so, might be social yet they have no one to call their own.

1. Forced to entertain


Definitely the biggest challenge for you, but you try your best to talk about the best thing you like, which is Silence!

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