22 Perks Of Being A Woman In Indian Society

Updated on 5 Dec, 2015 at 6:05 pm


You have every right to be shocked with the topic. But, there are some great perks of being a woman in Indian society. Let us evaluate and see if you agree.


1. Who else is decked with so much gold?


2. They can say contradictory things and it’s acceptable because India is a changing country.



3. Indian women can shine in traditional, semi-formal or formal outfits anytime they desire.

Indian woman


4. They get to pitch in their views when a son or daughter is getting married even though they may not have made that choice when they got married.


5. They can shed tears at the drop of a hat without being laughed at.


6. If they end up with a flat tyre, either their husband, the garage boy or even a bystander will change it for them.


7. Most men respect their sindhoor or mangalsutra.


8. When they say it is time for their daily soap opera, it means that they can skip any duty for that period.

People around them do understand that.


9. They have a long list of choicest faces to make their point without saying a word.


10. If they don’t know something, they can always pretend to be shy instead of coming out as dumb.


11. They never have to wait for anyone and when they do, all hell can break loose.


12. They will never be dragged into legal battle for that tight slap.


13. They can handle the spiciest food without blinking an eye.


14. Traffic police are kinder to women than men.


15. They are not pressurized to have a flourishing career.


16. They will not be branded losers for not becoming engineers or doctors.


17. Elderly women in the family bear a lot of clout.


18. Indian corporations are increasingly hiring females.


19. They get the best bargains in the world.


20. They can bitch away about her daughter’s best friend.


21. They can pamper their kids even when they are adults.


22. They have the right to blame God when things go wrong.



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