A Beggar Showed His True Patriotic Spirit And Twitterati Can’t Stop Praising Him

6:15 pm 16 Aug, 2018


What is patriotism? By definition, having a patriotic spirit is the quality of being loyal and respectful towards one’s nation. But in reality, for how many of Indian citizens is ‘patriotism’ more than just a word. How many of us have recently stopped to think and appreciate all that is good about India? How many of us have even had the courtesy to salute the Indian national flag when we pass by one? Well, our answer would be – not a lot, right!

But every once in a while something happens that touches hearts and shakes the patriotic spirit in all. And the incident we are about to discuss ahead will definitely teach everyone a little something about patriotism and respect for the Indian flag.



Recently, a Twitter user Abhi Athavale tweeted a picture of a man saluting the Indian flag. And before we go on further, it is imperative to first have a look at the tweet below:



Now if this isn’t patriotism then we don’t know what is. The man with no means clearly has a rich patriotic spirit and abundance of respect for the national flag. Aren’t you touched by this gesture?

Well, he definitely touched some hearts. Here are some of the response tweets that appreciate his patriotic spirit:


The man even took his footwear off before saluting the national flag, there is definitely a lesson to be learned.




Would love to help the man with the patriotic spirit.



This man’s devotion is salute worthy.



A man with such a patriotic spirit is neither a beggar nor a madman.



It is incidents like this that remind us that being an Indian is not just a birthright, but a privilege.