1. Rocky Mountain National Park

A hillside of dead pine trees killed by Mountain Pine Beetles shows the effects of warming temperatures on the mountain ranges.



2. The Great Barrier Reef

Warmer water temperature has turned corals white, which is like what happens when they die.



3. The Danube River

A persistent drought led to record-low water levels along the Danube.



4. The Alps

The Swiss peak is eroding as a result of melting glacier water at the summit.



5. Muir Glacier

The glacier has completely disappeared.



6. Lake Chad

The lake has lost about 80% of its surface area since the 1960s – a combined effect of irrigation, the damming of rivers, and global warming.



7. San Blas Archipelago

The Caribbean Islands communities are flooded for several days every rainy season as a result of rising ocean levels caused by global warming. In the picture on the right, a traffic sign reading “Slow Down” is partially submerged.



8. Coral reefs

The reef was devastated by harmful algae blooms known as red tide, due to increased greenhouse gases and rising ocean temperatures.



9. Whitby Harbor

The port is now quiet, filled with empty pots, nets, and dried-out fishing boats as global warming has pushed fish stocks northward.



10. Carbon dioxide levels

This is how CO2 level has risen in just four years between 2003 and 2007. Rising CO2 levels cause global warming.



Credit: businessinsider