‘God Punished Them For Eating Beef’, Ugly Responses To Kerala Floods Appear On Twitter

1:18 pm 20 Aug, 2018


As Kerala is facing the worst rainfall since 1924, millions remain stranded in the state trying to save themselves from nature’s fury. Kerala floods have come as the worst-ever disasters caused due to torrential rains in the state. Though  the state is receiving financial support from all corners of the country, the damage caused by these floods have thousands of families losing their everything from people to property. With over 357 deaths being reported from the state so far, hundreds of people are still without the basic necessitates for survival.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has promised an aid worth Rs 500 crore to the devastated state with more helicopters, boats and other equipment being put to action for rescue and relief work in Kerala. Apparently, he has taken an aerial tour of the worst-affected areas in the state as well. While the state receiving help from many parts of the globe, there are some people in the society who are attributing the Kerala floods to ‘beef eating’.





Well, you read that right! Apparently, there are some insensitive people on the social media who have the most unexpected responses to the Kerala floods. These people are reasoning the Kerala floods with the eating habits of the people in the state.



According to them, Keralites are facing the wrath of the God in the face of the floods for eating beef. Many tweeted to say that Kerala deserved the floods because the state did not ban the consumption of beef and this has spurred the gods causing the devastating floods. With their ugly tweets, they are asking the Malayalis to stop eating beef or else they will face such calamities again in the future.



You will definitely be surprised after reading these tweets by the netizens on the apparent cause of Kerala floods:
















People don’t seem to understand!



Mother nature is paying with interest?!



Punishment in God’s own country



What kind of justice is this?



And then this comment!






In retaliation for these insensitive comments, social media users are slamming the religious haters who are blaming the consumption of beef for the state of Kerala floods. Take a look at some comments:




Need to spread such messages!



Seems so!



Think big people!







Howsoever people’s mentality is not going to change towards sensitive issues. But we must do our share of work. We must help and support the people stuck in the Kerala floods because it is what humanity has taught us!