18 Beauty Tips For Indian Girls From East Asia

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Updated on 31 Aug, 2018 at 6:49 pm


Their impeccable skin is the first thing you notice of an East-Asian woman (China/Japan/Korea). Vying to get the flawless look as theirs, here are few tips from their routine that you might want to adopt.

1. BB creams for a blemish-free skin.

The BB cream is so popular that it is often referred as ‘Miracle Cream’. This multi-tasking cream is an imperfection concealer, moisturizer and UV protecting skin smoother. Though gaining popularity across the globe now, they have been used in South Korea and Japan since 1980s.

2. Facial Mists to stay fresh.

To combat dehydration, facial mists help in keeping the skin nourished throughout the day. It not only sets the makeup but also helps in uplifting a tired face to bright and dewy within seconds. Even the office Monday blues will not stop you from looking lively!

3. Follow the 424 cleansing method.


The Asian women follow the ritual really seriously. This method involves 4 minutes of massaging using cleansing oil, followed by applying cleansing foam for 2 minutes before finally washing your face with lukewarm water for another 4 minutes.

4. Make tissue masks a routine.

Japanese and Korean women make it a point to use these tissue masks regularly which serves two purposes: Skin whitening and hydrating. It is an easy to use mask that can be applied anywhere for just 10-15 minutes. So the next time while travelling don’t forget to keep a pack in your bag.

5. Exfoliate with pearl powder.

A beauty staple of Chinese women, pearl powder is made from oyster shells. It, when combined with egg yolk and honey helps reduce inflammation, skin irritation, calms redness and heals your skin.

6. Use toner made of rice water.

Were you tossing the water left after cooking rice? After knowing this you won’t. Rice water not only acts as a perfect toner helping tighten the pores but also acts as an antioxidant, moisturizer and has UV absorbent properties. Isn’t this a cheap yet effective beauty tip?

7. Fiber Mascaras for long eyelashes.

A trend originated in Japan, fiber mascara is an easy way to get longer and fuller lashes within a matter of seconds. So, say bye to your falsies or eyelash extensions and try these innovative mascaras for a change.

8. Eat wolfberries for healthy skin.

Chinese believe that a healthy skin is a result of the amount of heat in blood. Wolfberries are said to nourish liver and blood which in turn leads to healthier skin.

9. Don’t forget your eyes.

The key to young looking eyes is to treat the skin around your eyes with ring finger (being the weakest). You can also get hold of some eye cream or eye strips to ease the dark circles and puffiness.

10. Shave you facial hair troubles.

The Japanese girls opt for a skin service which requires shaving the facial hair (called kao sori in Japan). They rely on this service to get a fuzz-free complexion and to maximize penetration.

11. Moisturize like crazy.

Doing a little massage while moisturizing does all the wonder. Apply your cream from the centre of the face with upward movement, patting it rather than doing the obvious rubbing.

12. Snail slime extract for skin.

I wonder if you would attempt this, but Koreans do. The snail cream containing the snail’s slime is believed to help regenerate skin cells, ensuring a healthy looking complexion.

13. Add facial exercise to your regime.

Repeat ‘Ma Me Mi Mo Mu’ 10 times to exercise your lips and cheeks, a practice common amongst the Koreans. Other face and neck exercises can be easily picked from plethora of tutorials available.

14. Apply night cream at night (of course).

The night cream or mask helps in locking the moisture throughout night, so that you don’t worry about your disheveled look in the morning.

15. Don’t forget to spray some essence.

Essence contains nourishing liquid concentrate, which needs to be used after the cleansing regime. Koreans spray the essence on face and pat it for better absorption.

16. Learn the make-up removal technique.

Make-up removal is as much important as applying it. Using a good make-up remover is the priority of the East-Asians, and it should be yours as well.

17. Drink green tea instead.

Green tea acts as an antioxidant which helps speed up cell regeneration and slows down aging. So you can shift from your regular tea to the much healthier version of it.

18. Don’t be lazy.


At last, it is crucial to follow skin care tips as a ritual just like most of these East-Asian women do.

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