17 Reasons To Thank God For Marine Drive

Updated on 21 Apr, 2015 at 12:18 pm


Marine Drive, thank god for Marine drive. A Mumbaikar loves nothing more than this, the calm view, soothing nature, lovely sunset, the shore and lots and lots more. With Marine drive, Mumbai is complete. It’s like love, you just cannot live without it and rightly so!

Here’s why, we thank god for Marine drive.

1. Because there can never be anything more serene than a ‘calmer’ sea view.

2. Marine Drive can even make the crappy monsoons seem awesome.

3. Because even the ‘queen’s neck’ would be empty if not for Marine Drive.

4. When you are sad and the days are bad, it comforts like a brother and soothes like a mother.

5. Would SoBo really be SoBo without it? Naah!

6. The beautiful walkway. If not, the evening walks would never be the same.

7. Marine Drive is the best hangout place in all of Mumbai and you know that.

8. For all the lovers out there, where would you feel cozy? Thank god for Marines.

9. ‘Cause a toddler enjoys playing in the breeze more than anything. So, Marines make us toddlers once again.

10. We’d miss the most beautiful view, the sunset at the horizon’s edge. Phew!

11. The stray dogs at Marines will make you feel happy instantly. The way they will jump on you with happiness cannot be described in words.

12. The breeze and smell is just perfect, it makes you forget all your worries.

13. It’s often an inspiration for artists – whether writers, musicians, or actors.

14. Marine drive + monsoon, one combination which will make you feel like staying there forever.

15. The best time to visit Marine Drive is post 1 am at night when kids are dancing with their best moves and at that time the place gives you a completely different feel.

16. It is the seventh heaven. A paradise for Mumbaikars.

17. Because Mumbai wouldn’t be Mumbai, if not for Marine Drive. That is what makes Mumbai glow.

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