How Queens Used To Attract Kings In Ancient Times, These Things Are Even Applicable Today

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7:25 pm 10 Mar, 2018


As the world progresses towards better and faster life, humans have become more stressed than ever. Use of Emissions from diesel and petrol vehicles have made our environment polluted and badly affecting our face and body.

Though we can’t totally move away from this polluted environment, we can sometimes avoid it. For this we need quick hacks that will at least make the effects of this stress and pollution less visible on our body.


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This post is about giving few hacks that will not only help you feel better in the long run but will also be easy on your pocket.

Furthermore, these hacks are tried and tested by our very own elders (they call it granny hacks for a reason) and the queens and kings of ancient times.


You see the biggest reason for many medieval queens/kings look amazing even when they grew old was not spending millions on beauty products, but conditioning their bodies well with natural ingredients and using Vedic methods to tone each part of their body be it skin or hair.

These hacks were given by Raj Vaidya to look youthful and healthy and they can even be emulated by a common person like you and me in our day to day life.


1. Rose water bath


While the Queens used to use natural rose petals during their bath, one can use rose water on their face to get that glow and repeat it twice a day so as to beat the effect of this pollution. They can also use rose essence in their bathing water to create that same effect.

Rosewater not only helps one get their natural glow back but also makes the skin feel soft and velvety to touch.

2. Madeira (Beer) Face pack

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While we all know that one can use Beer on one’s hair, do you know it can also good for your skin?

It is believed in ancient times, the queens used to use a mix of milk powder, egg white, lemon juice in Madeira (beer) to apply on their face so as to remove dead skin and make it soft and supple.

This mix can also help reduce the effect of pollution on one’s skin an make it feel and look much younger.

3. Avocado mask


While one can use Beer to remove dead skin, to get rid of blemishes and marks from their skin the Queens used to use Avacado facemask.

They also used to use Avocado to get a curvaceous body.

4. Walnut to stop aging



While walnuts have many uses when it comes to skin and beauty products, you would be surprised to know that just eating walnuts every day one can gain its benefits.

It is believed that Kings and Queens used to eat walnuts and carrots every day to help their physical organs. The walnuts especially to make their body healthy and curvy. This also helped them in looking younger as no one could determine their age looking at them

5. Long hair and thick locks



One of the biggest problems we face these days is the loss of hair. It is said that our Queens used to use Honey and Olive oil to take care of their long beautiful and luscious hair.Daily use only made their hair grow stronger and also healthy thanks to amazing natural quality that honey and olive oil have.

6. Rose perfume (Ittar)


As the last touch, Queens used to use Ittar as a perfume which used to make them smell heavenly all day long. Further, these rose perfumes also used to help keep dryness away from their skin and keep it soft.

7. Bathing from donkey’s milk



While this last hack might not be easily accessible to all, we would none the less like to tell you about it as it would be really beneficial if one is able to get hold of donkey milk.

It is said that many queens used to bathe in donkey milk with honey and olive oil mixed with it. The milk contains anti-aging properties which prevent the diminishing beauty due to aging and really helps one look young.


What is your thought on these hacks? Please let us know in the comments section.