11 Ideas Of Beauty From Around The World

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12:00 pm 9 Jan, 2016

What is beauty? The answer to this question can differ from person to person and country to country. You can be beautiful in one country, but the worst person to attract anyone in another country. Here’s a look at the definition of beauty from around the world:

1. South Korea

In South Korea, the beauty trend says a woman should have wide and round eyes. Almost one in ten women get an eye-lift to make their eyes look more western and appealing. Any women with round and wide eyes is considered to be sexy yet beautiful.


2. France

French women do not understand the American culture of using so much of make-up. Any woman who is not too chubby and not too skinny, with no make-up on her face is considered beautiful. They desire to look natural and appreciate any woman who walks proudly without wearing make-up.


3. Kenya

People from Kenya follow one of the most bizarre customs in order to look beautiful. For the Masai women, it’s all about the earlobes! They pierce them and then stretch them out, which is usually done using materials like elephant tusks. Surprisingly, they even remove two middle teeth from their bottom jaw and also shave their heads.


4. The United States

From Kim Kardashian to Jennifer Lopez, beauty in this country is found in all sizes and features. But did you find anything in common? The tendency of Americans towards beauty is quite different from others – they think if you are not born beautiful you can be created beautiful!  They have set a unique standard of beauty to the world.


5. Thailand

Women from Thailand are whitening obsessed and therefore it is next to impossible to find a beauty product with no skin lightening ingredient here. There is a common beauty practise in Thailand where they focus on neck elongation. This especially applies to the Kayan tribe where the younger girls wear glossy brass hoops onto their necks.


6. Iran

In the middle-eastern country of Iran, nose-jobs are the ultimate status symbol and a perfect definition to beauty. Both men and women wear their bandages with pride. Women tend to make their nose look perfect and this is the only reason why their makeup includes Kohl, liners and perfectly done eyebrows!


7. West African Countries

Being overweight is considered a sign of wealth and status in West African countries. For this reason, everyone starts feeding their children as much as they can. In fact, a study showed they eat up to 16,000 calories per day, which mostly consists of pure butter and camel milk.  For them, being healthy is beauty.


8. Ethopia

In the Karo tribe in Ethiopia, young girls have scars cut on their bodies in obscure and swirling patterns to create a beautiful design which helps attract a husband. Once a girl is finished receiving the scars, she is considered old enough to be married and start a family.


9. India

In India, you not only find endless colourful clothes, historical monuments, culture, but also an endless variety of fairness creams. Being fair means having wealth, luxury, and more importantly a status that others did not achieve in their lifetime. Indians generally focus on decorative skin.


10. Japan

According to Japanese culture, beauty means having straight hair and white skin.  Japanese women who wavier hair have turned to work as prostitutes in Japan. This is why Japanese women prefer straightening their hair.


11. Russia

Women from Russia are sporty and hardworking who keep it simple. Blue eyes, delicate features, slim figure and, sometimes, bright hair is what works in Russia.  Women who opt for various kinds of nail polish and hair colours are considered garish. The older a Russian woman is, the less makeup she wears.


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