12 Countries That Are Abode For Most Beautiful Women Across The Globe

8:00 am 20 Apr, 2018


Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and there is no way around that! Though every creation of nature is beautiful in their own way, some are perceived to have a physical beauty that precedes others. Based on various internet polls, searches, and contests, here is a list of such countries that apparently are the home for some of the most beautiful women.

1. Argentina




A country where people are always beauty conscious, there’s no wonder that the ladies are considered one among the most beautiful ones. Topped with their incredible fashion sense, they look absolutely stunning.

2. Bulgaria



From sunny beaches to beautiful medieval towns, this country can give you major travel goals. Adding to that are stunning and gorgeous women who will certainly make you go wow.

3. Colombia



Known for its diverse geographical and demographical variety, this place also has a variedly mixed gene pool. It’s mainly because it combines Spanish colonists, natives, and an array of immigrants. One can only imagine how attractive female population can emerge from such a deep mixture of genetic traits.

4. Denmark



Denmark can easily be considered an ideal place to reside with a high standard of income equality, human development, healthcare, and education. Not only that, it’s also known as being one of the happiest countries in the world. No wonder the damsels from this land are the epitome of beauty besides being superbly confident.

5. France



The timeless and effortless classy look of French women is very hard to capture through words. Not to forget their natural charm that mesmerizes everyone.

6. India



Known as the land of diversity, the same can be seen when it comes to the beauties of the country. With the backing of rich heritage and unlimited intelligence, they are the ones who hold a loving approach towards life.

7. Italy



The mix of gorgeousness and independent nature are irresistible, that’s what makes the women from Italy a part of this list.

8. Russia



The cold and obscure land of Russia is known for many things, one of them is the mysterious beauties. They have a striking combination of Eastern and Western genes along with grace that makes them amazingly beautiful.

9. South Korea



The unique trait of women in South Korea is their youthful look. Also, they carry an air of innocence that adds to their beauty.

10. Turkey



These strong natured women are extremely photogenic. Their regal looks actually add to the timeless beauty that has mesmerized the world since ages.

11. Venezuela



This is a country that is filled with talented beautiful women. The combination of colonists and natives makes the women most beautiful ones.

12. Ukraine



Not only beautiful but they are known for their boldness too. With an amazing sense of humor, these beauties portray unabashed confidence in every walk of life.


Who mesmerized you most? Let’s know in the comments below.

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