Beautiful Food Maps Representing Interpretation Of Food Around The World

2:00 am 17 Mar, 2014


New Zealand based artist Hanry Hargreaves and New York based stylist Caitlin Levin created this amazing food maps. Each map is made up of food that represents that country or continent. Their love for food and passion for travel have filled all these below maps with their iconic foods. Take a look towards all these countries with many variations in foods. Hope these beautiful food maps will bring you all together and get you started with a good conversation.


1. South America – citrus

South America – citrus

2. Africa – Bananas and Plantains


Africa – Bananas and Plantains


3. Australia – Shrimp

Australia – Shrimp


4. China – Noodles

China – Noodles


5. France – Cheese and Bread

France – Cheese and Bread


6. India – Spices

India – Spices


7. Italy – Tomatoes

Italy – Tomatoes


8. New Zealand – Kiwi Fruit

New Zealand – Kiwi Fruit


9. Japan – Seaweed

Japan – Seaweed


10. UK – Biscuits

UK – Biscuits


11. USA – Corn

USA – Corn



Credit: Design Swan