Your Beard Has Poop In It. That’s What Microbiologists Say.

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4:06 pm 5 May, 2015


For all those men who love their beard: Your beard might contain poop!

This not so pleasing result comes after Action 7 News swabbed the beards of some handful men and took the samples for testing. Microbiologist John Golobic, who tested the swabs, said:

“I’m usually not surprised and I was surprised by this. Those are the types of things you’d find in (fecal matter).”


With some fecal matter in your darling beard, surely you are not feeling good. But can this lead to any health risk? Well, microbiologists say “this is little concerning”. John Goblic said:


“There would be a degree of uncleanliness that would be somewhat disturbing.”


So, why is beard so dirty? Carol Walker, a  trichologist (These are guys who deals with scalp and hair problems) told U.K.’s Daily Mail:

“Beard hair; it’s coarser. It has the shape of a bayonet, a round, convexed bottom and then comes up the side to a point. The cuticles on the hair—which are like layers of tiles on a roof—trap the germs and grease.  For people who have a habit of over-handling their beards, if their  hands are dirty, they transfer dirt from their hands on to their face and mouths.”

So for men who still want to keep that look, it is suggested that you take some extra care of your beard. John Goblic said:

“Try to keep your hands away from your face, as much as possible. Also, do wash your hands regularly.”


And if you are worried that your partner may not kiss you after reading this, then use that beard wash. Or, just don’t let them read this.



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