10 Things That Will Happen If You Learn To Be Yourself

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6:35 pm 1 Sep, 2015

There are times, when you drown in insecurities and stay trapped in a nightmare, as people around you laugh at your individuality and question your uniqueness. You sit alone in your empty room, switching off the world, finding solace in music and feeling just a bit proud of your flaws. After a while, you are strong enough to accept yourself the way you are.

The world is so allergic to uniqueness, that people who are different are often mocked. But that’s not the excuse you should give to change yourself.

Here are few things that will happen if you stop being someone else:

1. You will end up with the right friends.

You are the master of PJs, a complete tharki and your “ch*tiyapanti” is world famous. But still, there is someone who tolerates all your crap and adores you unconditionally. He is undoubtedly your true friend. You actually landed up with him, as nobody else was mentally fit to endure you.


2. You will always find the right place for yourself.

You tried your best to clear the I.A.S, but didn’t excel in it. The wise option is to realize that it is not meant for you. You are destined for something way more interesting than this. Also, the universe will never fail you at the places you want to reach.


3. You will actually be happy.

True happiness can only be derived from the work you do. Taking a small step to change the life of people around you is far more satisfying and fulfilling than storing millions in your bank account.


4. Most people will not understand you.

Very few people have the intelligence to truly understand the meaning of “being yourself”. The stereotypes will laugh at your abnormality. And best way to escape such embarrassing situations is to laugh at yourself. And yeah, Alia Bhatt taught me this.



5. You will always know what you really want to do.

If you spend too much time with yourself, you will easily decode how your mind and heart actually function and once you align them consciously, the hunger to chase your dream will rise.



6. You will become opinionated.

You will always speak your mind, not caring about what the world thinks. The fear of hurting people will disappear, giving way to your freedom of thoughts.


7. You will stop living for others.

You will fall in love with your bitchy philosophies, unique accent and alien dressing sense. And if this point is too deep just like this listicle. I am sorry…I can’t change myself!


8. You may be alone but you will never be lonely.

You will cherish your alone time because it will help expose your inner madness and peace at the same time. Also, you will end up discovering your hidden personalities.


9. You will realize that it’s more important to f*ck the world than to impress the world.

Taking every step while calculating what the world will think of it is really maddening. Your mind might someday blow up handling this pressure and say…


10. You will be able to judge people correctly.

Just by being yourself, you will become more and more aware of different personality traits and this will eventually help you to understand people.

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