BCCI Has Vacancies For Budding Cricketers. Here’s How You Can Apply

3:05 pm 17 Mar, 2017

Earlier it used to be really difficult for players to make their name in the gentleman’s game, Cricket. With time, Cricket has become the most followed sport in India. Seasons and series like IPL increase the chance of budding players to get selected in the national team.


But at the same time, it is one of the most dangerous sport.

No matter where you are standing on the field, there always remains a chance of getting hurt. The position that comes under a high-risk zone is short-leg fielding position. Even many expert players avoid standing at this position.


This is the reason why BCCI has come up with this lucrative job offering for aspiring cricketers for the short-leg fielding position.


If you want to apply for this job then here are the details for the same:

Job Requirement

To stand close to batsman’s shoelaces that are apparently close enough to his spitting subcontinental surfaces.


Attractive Salary

Rs 15 Lakhs and in case you are good enough to get match-winning catches, additional perks will be on your way.



Candidates with prior experience in the domestic circuit will be given priority, extra points for bravery awards.


Things to keep in mind

If you are ready to apply for this job then be sure to buy guards for every single body part of yours. You may suffer from broken bones, punctured balls, split webbing, and concussions.

Still, if you are brave enough to think that this job is for you, you may send in your CVs to [email protected]



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