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News Memorabilia: A Day When BBC Had No Story To Broadcast And Played Piano Instead

Updated on 28 August, 2018 at 5:13 pm By

It’s hard to imagine a day without news, especially when in each second there are thousands of news broadcasts throughout the world, thanks to the growth in the field of science and technology and the emergence of the world wide web. However, almost 9 decades back, on April 18, 1930, British broadcaster BBC had no news to air. The 20:45 news bulletin said, “There is no news”. The 15 minutes segment had piano music and nothing else.


The wireless service then returned to broadcasting from the Queen’s Hall in Langham Place, London, where the Wagner opera, ‘Parsifal’ was being performed.

A day when BBC broadcast no news


However, to imagine the same idea 87 years later is almost impossible, especially at a time when the latest news updates are just a click away. Mobile phones keep people so engaged that they spend most of their time browsing whatever technology can provide.

Each day begins with news popups and updates, which keeps you busy right from the morning till the day ends. News is now available in abundance due to the hike in the number of sources.

On the other hand, April 18, 1930 should give today’s blog-fixated world a pause. Today, we troll the entire planet for news and not just one single quixotic island nation, and so there’s more to talk about. There’s a lot more of us doing things. But it’s not always relevant to our own lives. Some days piano music is just a better option.



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