Vikas Gupta Slams Sreesanth And Others For Cracking Homophobic Jokes On Rohit Suchanti!

1:07 pm 25 Oct, 2018


I am sure all the Bigg Boss fans must be knowing about these recent wildcard entrants, Megha Dhade and Rohit Suchanti. We all know that wildcard entries bring a lot of flavor and masala to the show. And we also know that cracking jokes and making silly comments on each other is also common in the Bigg Boss house. However there is a fine line between what should be said and what shouldn’t. It appears that ex-Bigg Boss contestant Vikas Gupta is not happy with some remarks made by Sreesanth and other contestants in the house. That’s the reason why Vikas Gupta slammed Sreesanth and fellow contestants.

Well, recently actor Karanvir Bohra, Sreesanth and other contestants of the BB 12 house were seen passing rave remarks related to Rohit Suchanti’s sexuality. Karanvir mentioned the possibility that Rohit might ‘swing both ways’.




Wait, the worst part is yet to come, it seems that a rather “unhappy” Sreesanth had to comment upon Rohit Suchanti’s shorts, I mean what’s wrong with wearing purple shorts? That’s not it, he even made mean gestures on Rohit Suchanti. Honestly, this wasn’t expected of him.



Take a look at this video:



What shocked me was that Dipika too was a part of all this. Dipika of all people, who is considered as one of the most popular and strongest contestants inside the house.



Vikas who was also one of the most loved contestants of Bigg Boss 11 expressed his discontent with what happened via his official twitter handle.



This is how Vikas Gupta slammed Sreesanth and fellow contestants, take a look:



Like I said earlier, there is a fine line between what should be said and what shouldn’t. It is highly unethical to comment upon anybody’s sexuality or sexual orientation, the reason being that it is highly personal. That sums it up!


Do you think that the inmates have forgotten that they are on the national television? Let us know in the comments.