Braveheart Barun Biswas Died Protecting Women, And Every Man Should Know That

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Numerous people pledge their support to women’s struggle against sexual crimes. But Barun Biswas is someone who gave his life for the same. His heroism and sacrifice for the safety of women of his society is something that should be recognized by every organization working for women empowerment as well as the Central government.

Born in 1972 in Sutia, West Bengal, Barun Biswas was a school teacher and a social activist.

Dipankar Chanda/TOI

Dipankar Chanda/TOI

Though born into a poor landless farmer and in a town which did not have proper medium for education, nothing deterred him from completing his education.

He completed his schooling from Khatra Boys High School went on completing his B.Ed. He also passed the West Bengal Civil Service examinations.

Choosing to become a social activist, Biswas joined Mitra Institution in 1998, and worked for the welfare of his town by starting a campaign to prevent flooding in his area.

Barun Biswas was appalled by the high number of rapes of women in Sutia.

He brought together the people and said:

Biswas’ fight was against a gang led by Sushanta Chowdhury, a politically connected goon who used rapes as a means to gain control on the innocent people.


Anyone who even dared to oppose them was cursed to see their female family member brutally raped in front of their eyes. Freedom for women

To defend the women, Biswas co-founded “Sutia Gonodhorshon Pratibad Mancha” in 2000.

But in 2012, his voice was silenced when three men on a bike shot him dead as soon as he stepped out of Gobordanga railway station.

Barun Biswas’ assassination made the otherwise sleeping authorities aware of the crimes in the area; there was an increase in the reporting of cases following the arrest of Choudhury.


In 2013, a Bengali film called Proloy was made on his life.

Barun’s efforts to encourage families to uphold courage and file cases of violence and also help the victims get married earned him a lot of appreciation and blessings.

Here is a video about him. Do watch it to know more about the hero who died saving women.


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