Woman Writes Tweets Shaming Barkha Trollers On Her Confession Of Sexual Abuse

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7:16 pm 12 Apr, 2016


Barkha Dutt recently confessed to being a victim of child abuse in her recently released book, ‘This Unquiet Land’ and at the 2015 ‘Women In The World Summit’.

“When something like this happens and when you’re a child — I was younger than 10 years old— you bury it. You bury it and you try and forget it.”

Barkha haters, as there are quite a lot, seized the chance to troll her to no end.

Nobody seemed to be convinced of Barkha Dutt’s vulnerable confession and made extremely offensive remarks on her personal life and her character as a woman.


And it went on and on..


While its acceptable to disagree or even be offended by someone’s professional abilities (or inabilities), what is certainly not okay is to cross the line of trolling a sensitive issue belonging to a woman’s personal life.

Harnidh Kaur wrote a series of powerful Tweets as a reply to the misogynists on Twitter who felt no shame in trolling a woman having the guts to speak about an issue as taboo as child sexual abuse.


Apart from being applause worthy, these Tweets have not only stood for Barkha but also revealed what’s really wrong with the attitude of internet shamers. While it takes a Tweet to post your irrational ideas and assumptions, it takes a whole lot of valiance to bring your past forth in front of the entire world.

If you cannot show pride in it, don’t troll it either.

If you cannot respect it, stay silent.