Barkha Dutt Learned Something About Pathankot That Even Ajit Doval Was Not Aware Of

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11:49 am 11 Feb, 2016

Barkha Dutt was in Pakistan to attend the Karachi Literature Festival. (Yes, the same event Anupam Kher could not attend because he was not granted a visa.)

The consulting editor of NDTV also had a unique opportunity to speak with Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for 60 long minutes.

That’s more than enough time Sharif might be having for his own cabinet ministers.

One has reason to expect that an interview at such a level would result in a revelation that would move or shake the political echelons in India and Pakistan, especially in the post-Pathankot scenario.

But by tweeting this, Barkha Dutt surprised those who know more about how Pakistan functions as a State than Dutt.



Read once more what Dutt wrote, especially the part that is underlined:

“Interesting 60 minute meet with Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif gave me sense that he’s keen to move on Pathankot probe

Seriously, anyone who knows how Pakistan functions despite being a democracy has every reason to laugh at Dutt’s “sense”. In fact, one can even question Dutt’s understanding of Pakistani politics.

And one reputed journalist actually pointed that out in very polite words:



The truth is this: It is not Nawaz Sharif who runs the security-related affairs in his country, it is the other Shareef – Pakistani Army chief General Raheel.

An example of this can be seen from the fact that Jaish-e-Mohammed was given a clean chit by Pakistan in the terror attack. The terrorist outfit, led by Maulana Masood Azhar, is seen as close to Pakistani ISI and an instrument that is essential for the Kashmir issue.

Now, what did Dutt do at the KLF? She managed to sell her book ‘The Unquiet Land’ to quite a few eager bibliophiles who wanted to know the ‘hidden truth’ about India.


In case you are planning to read it, you can get some help from the reviews section on online platforms such as Flipkart and Amazon. Some 3,590 reviewers gave the book one star on Amazon, and here’s a snapshot of some of the top reviews on Flipkart:





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