How Barkha Dutt Lost Her Cool And Accepted Everything Trolls Accuse Her Of

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Updated on 5 Sep, 2017 at 12:42 pm

Some see her as a smart, intelligent woman champion of liberalism and secularism in a country where, ironically, both exist. Others see her as a politically aligned, anti-Hindu someone who ignores the evils in Islamic fundamentalism and praises a non-secular Pakistan to the skies.

A regular target of those who find her views and opinions on India and the society deplorable, Dutt has been at the receiving end of some seriously condemnable remarks.

On Wednesday, however, she lost her cool at a remark that could have been ignored. And this is how it began.


To the uninitiated, the AgustaWestland scam has dragged some top UPA leaders and government officials including Congress president Sonia Gandhi and former IAF chief S.P. Tyagi.

This guy conjured up a logic of his own.

And that was enough for Barkha.

Well, no one expected Barkha to lash out in such a manner because she has been called worse.

She claimed that she did not lose her cool but was being sarcastic.

Anyway, the remark gave Twitterati enough reasons to comment. As usual, they were divided into two camps.

The supporters:

The haters:



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