‘Barbie Feet’ Is Now The Latest Trend On Instagram And It Is Awesome

5:09 pm 11 Jul, 2018


In the world that now runs on Instagram, as another day passed, a latest trend just gripped the users leaving them crazy. This time the trend is so massive that every other girl is trying not her hands, but her feet to be a part of the movement. We are talking about the now swanky ‘barbie feet’ trend on Instagram.

If you are still unaware of what that is all about, you need to read ahead! This is one kind of pose which makes people look like as if they are wearing heels, especially when they are barefoot. The trend can be seen on a wider scale amongst women!



Take a look at the picture below posted by social media star Kourtney Kardashian.


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kamp kourtndall

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If you take a closer look at the feet of Kourtney and her sister Kendall, you will be able to figure how the way they have posed in this picture. All four women in the picture have raised their feet high as if they are wearing heels. This makes their legs look longer, than they actually are.

Here is another one!




And this one below!


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🌳 house monkey

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The pose came in trend because of the brand Who What Wear! The brand is reportedly roused by the high-heel clad retro Barbie dolls.


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☀️ 🌊 ☀️ #juanlove

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Though, the ‘barbie feet’ pose looks a bit difficult, it is easy to execute. All one needs to do is to point the toes and extend the legs, just like the way it happens when one wears heels. Looks like the Kardashians are really inspired by this kind of feet!



Do you think the trend is worth all the attention? Tell us through your comments below! Tag your friends who are following the same trend! This trend appears to be giving us some new posing goals.