This Barber Combined Compassion And Skills To Cut Hair Of An Autistic Boy

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3:37 pm 9 Nov, 2015


James Williams, from the Jim the Trim barber shop in Briton Ferry, South Wales, UK, was finding it impossible to cut Mason Lewis’ hair, a four year old boy who has autism.

The boy, Mason, was unwilling to be touched on certain parts of his head by a barber.


 James Williams spent months — yes, months — working with Mason to give him a trauma-free trim.

In a Facebook post, Mr Williams said he had tried several different methods to cut little Mason’s locks but to no avail. Finally, on Nov. 3, Williams was able to post the photos of him successfully giving Mason his very first haircut.


He said: “Mason’s not happy with change, so the first time he came in I just sat on the floor with him to make him feel comfortable. Since then I’ve seen him every fortnight and we’ve built it up from there.”

However, finally this was the moment when he was able to give him a proper trim. While Mason was laying on the floor playing with his mother’s iPhone, Williams seized upon the opportunity, lay on the floor and gave Mason his first proper hair cut in two and a half years.


He shared these images on Facebook and received praise from people on the social media site, admiring his simple gesture.

“I was slumped on all fours but had to keep persevering, as Mason was just letting me to do it – there was no way I was going to risk moving.

“I was expecting him to move at any moment, but he just let me keep going. It was such a great feeling knowing that I’d finally gained his trust.”

The pictures of him lying on the floor with Mason and cutting his hair have gone viral.

The barber, who hails from South Wales, said he was just doing his job.

Williams said, “I always try and make sure I give the best service I can, and this was my way of giving Mason the best service for him. All the other customers seemed quite impressed and everyone has said it’s amazing and lovely, but it’s just the norm for me.”

Williams said that he was delighted to complete Mason’s first proper haircut.

“It was such an amazing feeling, knowing that all the hours of patiently gaining his trust had finally paid off,” he said.


Williams asked the customers in the shop to be silent. He chased Mason on the sofa, lay down on the floor to cut his hair.

He said, “Leaving him do his own thing is what he wanted and it worked. It was just incredible.”

Mason parents, Jamie lewis and Denine Lewis, were also overwhelmed by William’s effort.

His mother said, “James has really gone above and beyond with this haircut. He was really great throughout the whole process, and now – after a lot of effort – he’s managed to win over Mason’s trust.”

Mason with his mother and father Mirror

Mason with his mother and father

This is not the first time that Willimas has given a haircut to a child suffering from autism.


“A lot of families have these problems – it’s good to raise awareness,” he said.