When Barack Obama Ate A Salmon Chewed On By A Wild Bear in Alaska

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6:07 pm 9 Dec, 2015


British adventurer and TV-star Bear Grylls – famous for eating raw creatures and surviving in the toughest conditions –  taught US President Barack Obama some survival techniques while filming an episode for the reality TV show Running Wild with Bear Grylls for NBC.

Viewers are promised “a side of the Commander In Chief that they’ve never seen before” during Bear Goes Wild with Barack Obama.

During the episode, for lunch the duo had half-eaten salmon.

They also drank tea made from berries and shared water bottles.


Grylls found the salmon “on the river bank where it was left by a wild bear after eating certain parts,” like the brain, eggs, and skin.

“Obama approached the show because he’s a fan, and his team felt that Grylls has strong international reach,” the British host said.

“I thought initially they would have five or six Secret Service guys with us. That ended up like 50. You know, it’s a whole team with the press corps, and even a guy who’s there to make sure any food or drink [Obama’s] drinking is approved,” Grylls said.




However, to getting Obama to taste Salmon was not easy, as the taster provided a couple of challenges.

“First, he had already prepared food for the president.  And second, the taster said that the president never eats or drinks on camera.  I thought, ‘Oh, gosh, it’ll be a nightmare,’ but we just went with it,” Grylls said.



Though Obama first appeared a bit reluctant, he was relieved after knowing that it isn’t something that still has “its legs and eyes on it.”

Grylls cooks up the fish over a fire and Obama actually took a bite. He later reveals: “Bear is a mediocre cook, but the fact that we ate something recognizable is encouraging.”

Obama declared the cooked dish “tasty” but said he would have preferred it served with a cracker.



During the episode, Obama also opened up about his daughters and admitted that his daughters think he is dull.

He said, “They think I am so boring!”



Grylls, who was impressed by the president’s natural survival instincts, said, “He would only survive in Alaska if I left him with the secret service with him, but he has can-do attitude and is mega bright, he took on all the survival stuff.”