Even CRPF Couldn’t Stop Praising This 80-Year-Old Who Donates Land To Help Needy

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5:16 pm 14 May, 2016


A 80-year-old A P Bapu Haji is not like others. In today’s time, when people fight for even a cent of land, he donates land to institutions and people in need.


Hailing from Kerala, he donated three acres of land to the Adakkakund Juma Masjid. He also gave land to construct a place for the elderly who were abandoned by their children.

Besides that, he donated one-and-a-half acres to the tribal families who used to work at his house. But, after he came to know that families sold the land, he decided to give the land only to institutions. He is supported by his wife in his activities.


Bapu Haji, who hold the record for serving as the Kalikavu panchayat president for the longest period, in his effacing self, said:


“A few have wealth and others don’t. So it is the duty of the wealthy to take care of those without the wherewithal to do so themselves. I do not want any publicity for my acts of charity. All this has been gifted to me by God and all I do is, share it with others.”


A team of CRPF, who was in the area for election duty, visited him and was all praises for him.


Harjindar Singh said, “Bapu is indeed an inspiration tor the entire country. We had never seen a service model like this elsewhere in India.”



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