A Banyan Tree In Indore Was Married To A Peepli Tree, Hundreds Participated In The Celebrations

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Updated on 13 Jul, 2017 at 1:55 pm


Everyone was left astonished as an unusual wedding procession made its way to its destination. An unconventional wedding took place in Pancham Ki Phel area of Indore in which a Peepli tree was the bride and a Banyan tree was the groom.

The wedding procession of the Banyan tree reached Amar Tekri where it was welcomed by Peepli tree’s guardians. More than 200 people participated in the wedding procession.


Every ritual in the wedding was like that in any other wedding. Families even followed the traditions of Haldi and Mehndi ceremonies. Wedding cards were distributed and the venue was lavishly decorated. A boy sat with a replica of a banyan tree in his lap.

The organizer of the wedding from the groom’s side told Jagran that her late husband, Devtadeen Verma, had planted the Banyan tree 32 years ago. When Devtadeen passed away, his family took care of the tree but apparently the tree used to cry at night and its tears fell on people sitting under it. When Verma’s family consulted the elderly, they recommended the wedding and hence, it was organized.



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