They Hacked To Death A Free Thinking Bangladeshi Writer But We Won’t Protest

5:14 pm 27 Feb, 2015

Roy was the son of well-known Bangladeshi physicist Ajay Roy, was a bio-engineer and a naturalized US citizen.

An atheist, he was also a regular columnist and the founder of popular secular blog Mukto-mona, meaning ‘Free Mind’.

His writing and blogging had evoked the ire of fanatics and he had been regularly threatened for his active campaign against Islamist radicals.

They were rushed to the Dhaka Medical College and Hospital (DMCH) where doctors declared Avijit dead during an emergency surgery.

The brutal extremists sliced off Banna’s finger.

The killing of free thinkers and secular writers and bloggers is not a new thing in Bangladesh.

Islamist radicals hacked to death legendary writer Humayun Azad in February 2004, killed blogger Ahmed Rajib Haider in a similar attack in February 2013, and attacked other secular bloggers like Ashraful Alam and Asif Mohiuddin.

Police have launched an investigation but Islamic fanatics are still calling for punishment to atheist authors for blasphemy.

Surprisingly, at the time of Ahmed Rajib Haider’s death Bangladeshi PM Sheikh Hasina had ordered for the arrest of the atheist bloggers and writers.

Extremist Islam

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