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This Guy Is A Bangladeshi Hero And His Pictures With Beautiful Girls Are Giving Guys Hope

Published on 19 December, 2016 at 2:38 pm By

Guys, are you having a bad day? Are you depressed because of your singlehood? Do you think working out for hours in the gym and those costly protein cans will get you a girlfriend? Then you really really need to READ THIS!

Ashraful Alom Saeed aka Hero Alom, the man in the picture below, is a Bangladeshi hero and social media sensation.



Don’t widen your eyes, this is a truth that girls go mad over Alom and his videos on YouTube has millions of views.


Alom is also an owner of a cable TV shop and reports also say that he was a roadside vendor before he started making his own videos. He has over 500 music videos in which he acts with beautiful models dancing around him.


Alom’s pictures with beautiful girls are going viral and it is making guys feel inferior and jealous!





Unbelievable it is!


Hailing from the Bogra district of Bangladesh, Alom’s videos are unintentionally hilarious and he is trending on Indian social media these days in the form of memes and trolls.


Guys are making fun of him and teasing each other for not having a girlfriend as Alom in his images is seen posing with beauties. Alom’s looks and physique are definitely giving people a shock and that’s making him trend.

Many are even keeping their hopes high because of Alom!


All this seems crazy but Alom has even left Salman Khan behind in terms of Google search! Where is the world going?

If you have read so far then you might as well give Alom’s video a try! These oh-so-not-serious videos will take you on a laughter ride.


And this…


Well, there are many more videos. If you aren’t feeling depressed yet, find the rest on his YouTube channel.



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