This Pakistani City Has Passed Resolution To Ban Stylish Beard, Has Termed It Un-Islamic

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3:02 pm 27 Feb, 2018


Muslim men having a full grown beard is a common sight. But with time, this beard has taken a stylish avatar. Now Dera Ghazi Khan District Council of Pakistan has called the trend of stylish beard “unislamic.” It has also passed a resolution imposing a ban on stylish beard.


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According to a report by Pakistan’s The Express Tribune, shaping of beard in styles such as French cut, goatee etc. is “inconsistent with the teachings of Islam” and “goes against the Sunnah”. The resolution when presented demanded of Dera Ghazi Khan Deputy Commissioner to impose a ban on the designs of beard commonly flaunted by the youth these days.


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Referring to stylish beard as being against Sunnah, the resolution sought strict action against men who “make fun of beard”. Tabled by Asif Khosa, the resolution mentioned that there was an urgent need to spread awareness against this Sunnah among the youngsters.


Justice Asif Khosa. TheNewsPakistan



Khosa said that youngsters make different designs of beard in the name of fashion that was against the teachings of Islam. He further added that ‘French cut’ and other fashionable styles of beard were not allowed by Islam. The resolution got passed by a majority and thereafter presented before DG Khan Deputy Commissioner for further approvals.