This Is How Social Media Connected Currency Ban Date To Modi’s ’56-Inch’ Chest

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6:43 pm 9 Nov, 2016

It was described variously as the ‘9/11 moment for India’ and ‘surgical strike on black money’ on social media, but it is the date in particular that is grabbing eyeballs on social media because of a curious case of numbers.

Even Rishi Kapoor found it interesting:


Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the decision to scrap Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes in the evening of November 8.

He said that starting November 9, the notes will become unusable. And that became the DATE.

Social media was quick to equate the date with Narendra Modi’s “56 inch chest” – a remark he made at a rally in UP.

This is how the date, 9/11/2016, is equal to 56.




Truly, social media folks know what uniqueness is!


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