10 Ways That ‘Bajirao Mastani’ Enlightened Us About Love

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6:10 pm 21 Dec, 2015

This cinematic brilliance of Sanjay Leela Bhansali is crafted to portray the deepest emotions of love in its purest form. The depth and rhythm of  lost love, in his soul-stirring dialogues will engulf your heart.

Ranveer and Deepika’s poetic chemistry will dissolve you in its warmth till the very end. This epic historical romantic drama, unfazed from the practicalities of love, illuminates us with a blissful message:

‘Love that is not accepted on earth is accepted by Gods in heaven.’

Before the notion of love totally envelopes me, here are things about ‘love’ that this movie made me realize:


1. To win a woman’s heart, you must learn to fight for her respect.

A woman’s heart demands love and respect. That’s it. No matter who you are and what you believe in, if you possess these two admiring qualities, then a woman would open her deepest secrets and insecurities to you.


2. When a woman loves you unconditionally, she will fight the world to get you.

A woman’s soul is born pure but this mean world adulterates it. Forget the baffled theories of multiple dating, a true woman will stand by her love till her last breath.


3. Love sees no religion, no caste and no color.

Love is deaf and blind to all these things. Love just notices the inner self of other person and that ‘self’ is completely detached from creed, caste and religion. But, I doubt, that our society will be able to acknowledge this fact anytime soon.



4. Love is a stronger force than sex.

Sex never changed anybody’s life but love, with it’s enormous power, is shaping and getting people close to each other. Without love, sex cannot survive. Thousand one night stands cannot replace a night of love with your better half.

5. Never be afraid to fall in love.

Don’t hold yourself back from getting into this dicey trap. If you fail, you will realize the truth and in case you succeed, heaven will reside inside you. You never lose by loving, you always lose by holding back.


6. If your love doesn’t stand the test of time, then your love was not strong enough.

True love stands the test of time, distance and absence, making it grow stronger. Difficult times only mean that love’s roots will grow deeper.

7. If you love someone madly, always show your emotions.

Why do people hide their emotions? Why? Slowly, that hiding place will form a battlefield of emotions and will consume you like nothing else. Also, time lost in love never comes back.

8. Love involves sacrifice.

Sacrifice is the way of life. So, how can love be parted from it? Don’t hold back when love requires sacrifice, instead let it go. Surrender yourself to its flow and enjoy the unexplored places it takes you.


9. Falling in love is no mistake, it requires courage.

Love is an emotion and it happens naturally, you cannot control it. All the retards who call it ‘moh-maya‘ are the ones who remain without love throughout their lives.


10. The love stories that don’t end on a happy note are the ones that are remembered forever.

The course of a eternal love story doesn’t end smooth. Some love stories don’t deserve to end on earth, they are blessed to rule in heaven.

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