Did You Know How Kalakeya Was Given That KiliKili Language In Baahubali?

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Updated on 31 May, 2016 at 11:05 pm


Unless you are living in some parallel universe, you’d have heard of, watched and awaited ‘Baahubali’ with bated breath.

While we cannot wait to get the answer to the most important question – ”Katappa ne Baahubali ko kyun maara?” – we can surely entertain ourselves by digging out the ghosts of yesterday.



Talking of ghosts, did you know how the idli-eating, GOT-like beast got his language?


You remember how he speaks in an absolute alien language where all we hear is “KiliKili”?



Well, that’s exactly the name of the language. No, it is not an ancient tribal language.

It’s a language lyricist Madan Karky developed for the character of Kakakeya and his tribe. Having more than 700 words and 4 dozen grammatical rules, the language was drafted in Karky’s one-of-those-fun-moments in Australia.

He created CLICK with a motive to teach two kids Tamil in Australia. Creating new words, he included few words like min and nim meaning ‘me’ and ‘you’. In fact, he also made songs of it.



When he came back to India, he completely forgot about his artistic composition, until he sat with Rajamouli.

“Rajamouli wanted a powerful and a raw language for the Kalakeya tribe and also mentioned that the sound of it should incite fear. I asked him if I could create a language and he was fine with it. I remembered CLICK.. added a few elements and made it sound rough. I used CLICK’s vocabulary as the base and built around.”



The efforts by the team lent authenticity to the mysterious tribe headed by Kalakeya. Interestingly, it so happens that apparently the world’s first language was also named ‘CLICK’.


Hats off to the team of ‘Baahubali’ and how they executed each detail with utmost perfection to match international standards.

Waiting for 2017 like:




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