‘Bahubali’ Actress Anushka Shetty Reveals Her Secret Crush On This Former Cricketer

6:59 pm 9 Nov, 2017


At a time when the entire country is literally floored by the acting prowess and the charismatic smile of Devasena from the film ‘Bahubali 2’, the actress behind the character, Anushka Shetty’s heart beats for some other person. Nope; she is neither in a relationship with him nor is intending to get into one.

It is rather a young and teenage crush that every person cherishes in his or her heart forever. Can you guess who the handsome person is?


Anushka from a still in ‘Bahubali 2’. News18

In a country like India that breathes and lives cricket and prays to the cricketers as gods, do you think Anushka Shetty’s crush would have been anyone else but a cricketer?

In a recent interview to a Telegu entertainment portal, Anushka revealed to all her fans that her heart once used to beat for none other than Indian cricket’s ‘Mr. Dependable’, Rahul Dravid.



Rahul Dravid has been Anushka Shetty’s crush since childhood. Tehelka

When the interviewer asked who has been her favorite cricketer, instead of naming Sachin Tendulkar or Mahendra Singh Dhoni or others, Anushka spelt the name of the wall of Indian cricket.

She also revealed that while growing up, she had a crush on him. However, this crush later transformed into undying love for the cricketer.


Well, that’s quite legitimate, right? We wonder if there is any person who have seen Rahul Dravid play and not got swayed by his boyish charm and perseverance.


Do you also love Rahul Dravid? Do you think there is anyone in today’s cricket who can replace the legend that Rahul Dravid is? Please let us know about your views in the comments section below!