Even Bahrain’s Prime Minister Felt The Pain Of The Man Who Carried His Wife’s Body In Odisha

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5:02 pm 29 Aug, 2016

The Odisha government faced embarrassment over the controversy generated in the wake of a tribal man carrying his wife’s dead body on his shoulders for 12 kms (some reports say 16 kms).

But while the state government resorted to damage control and a bit of counter accusation on the man, one powerful individual over 3,500 kilometers away was visibly moved.


Dana Manjhi carrying his wife's body with their daughter by his side.

Dana Manjhi carrying his wife’s body with their daughter by his side.

The story of Dana Manjhi was so painful (for any human being, obviously) that even the Prime Minister of Bahrain Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa decided to donate an undisclosed amount of monetary compensation to Manjhi.

According to Bahraini daily, Gulf Digital News (GDN), reported that the premier was very upset upon reading the plight of Manjhi.

“The GDN learned exclusively yesterday that the Premier was so upset by the news that he felt he had to do something to help. He could not just stand by and do nothing about such suffering. The Prime Minister’s office contacted Bahrain’s Indian Embassy, and, in an extraordinary humanitarian gesture has donated a sum of money to help the man and his family,” the daily reported on Sunday.




Reports say that the Indian embassy in Bahrain has not yet received an official confirmation about the amount but confirmed that such an offer has been made.

The amount, reports say, will be channeled through the Embassy in Bahrain in Delhi.

The story of the 48-year-old tribal resident of Melagahara village became headline news in India on August 25.

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