Photos of Bahraich Police Celebrating Independence Day In Knee-Deep Water Are Going Viral

4:45 pm 17 Aug, 2017


Just a day after photos of school children and a teacher in Assam saluting the National Flag on the event of Indian Independence Day amid harsh floods went viral across social media platforms, another set of photographs of police personnel celebrating India’s 71st Independence Day in knee-deep water made the entire country salute their dedication and perseverance.

Bahraich Police saluting to the Tricolor despite the entire area being flooded Twitter


On Wednesday, a day after Independence Day, the DGP UP Sri Sulkhan Singh took to his official Twitter account to post photos of police personnel in Bahraich and Siddharthnagar saluting the National Flag despite the entire area being flooded as a result of incessant rainfall.

Police officers braving rainfall and floods to celebrate Independence Day Twitter



The photos of policemen, with their trousers folded, standing in knee-deep water were shared along with an inspiring and positive message that read:

I salute the spirit of the UP Police from Bahraich and Siddharthnagar. They will all be awarded. Jai Hind.

The photos were appreciated by Twitter users from around the country, with many of them re-tweeting or liking them with messages such as “Jai Hind” and other inspiring words. People also appreciated the undying spirit and fervor of patriotism among the police force despite all odds.

It must be recalled here that terrible rainfall has grasped many of the eastern and northeastern states of India under its wrath, with Assam being most badly hit with severe cases of floods being reported from there. The situation is also bad in Bengal, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, with numerous districts being flooded and many people being displaced from their homes.